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Managing your products workflow with Odoo:
from customer order to final delivery. 

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Through Odoo's Master Production Schedule, it's simple to automate your processes from planning purchase orders to executing and controlling production.


The integration with Product Lifecycle Management simplifies the ECO's creation with a tracking system and organizes BOMs automatically.


Use order-based production rules, minimum stock rules or the Master Production Schedule to automate purchases.


Take advantage of the demand forecasting tool and ensure that you always have enough stock. Configure routes, restrictions, waiting times and replenishment strategies to optimize the stock level and avoid shortages.


Quality Alerts automatically notify teams, allowing errors to be tracked in a simple way. Ensure that each material meets its quality standards by defining control points.


Schedule preventive maintenance to streamline the entire process including average time between failures (MTBF), average repair time (MTTR) and next expected failure date.


Industries that trust Odoo® 

We are in good company.

Manufacturing Reinvented

From production to management, Odoo is a solution designed to meet all your business needs.

Integrated Production management with PLM, Purchasing, Quality and Maintenance, on a single platform: Odoo.

Manage your entire Production process with Odoo, a modern solution to an old problem.

Welcome to real-time communication, shop floor automation and dozens of integrated applications including Quality, Maintenance, PLM, Inventory and Purchasing.


Bill of Materials


Control Points
Checks (SPC)

Manufacturing Engineering



Equipment Management
Maintenance Requests


Control Panel
Work orders

Supply Chain


Real-time reporting

Make decisions in real time based on the analysis of the reports that Odoo provides: General Equipment Efficiency (OEE) reports, TPM loss monitoring, maintenance KPI's such as  MTTR and MTBF, cost calculation, performance analysis, OEE and a lot more.

Create custom dashboards to monitor the performance of your production processes in real time.

Barcodes, out-of-the-box

Connect all types of devices to Odoo such as barcode scanners, cameras, scales or other measurement tools.

Whether you use lots, serial numbers or unidentified products, you can use barcodes to speed up operations at every step: Reception control, Picking, Packing, Work orders and more.

 Improved communication with all integrated processes

Use Odoo to strengthen internal communication and your production processes, and keep your teams aligned. As the processes are all integrated, any changes will be directly communicated to the responsible teams, such as the costs and structure of new BOMs.

 More than 50.000 companies optimize their business with Odoo.

Manufacturing Reinvented: A modern solution to an old problem.

Is Odoo suitable for my industry?

Odoo is a fully customizable open source ERP that meets the needs of small, medium and large companies that want to manage any stage of the production / industrial process in an integrated and efficient way.

Optimized processes generate fewer errors and increase productivity.

Textile industry, metalworking, plastics, furniture, construction materials - Odoo is highly flexible and adaptable to any type of industry due to its high parameterization and configuration possibility.


16-month average Return on Investment

 (G2 Crowd, March 2021)


The average time of implementation of odoo is 4 months.

( G2 Crowd, March 2021)

Satisfaction rate

The satisfaction rate of Odoo MRP users is 92%. 

( G2 Crowd, March 2021)

odoo by arxi

Odoo by arxi

A Arxi é especialista em implementações Odoo em indústrias e eArxi specializes in Odoo implementations in manufacturing and services companies, having successfully deployed in Portugal, Angola, Mozambique and the United Kingdom so far.

Our level of credibility, trust and excellence in our Odoo implementations is distinguished by the Odoo Gold Partner badge.

We are proud to be the first Odoo Gold Partner in Portugal.

Businesses that have benn reinvented with Odoo

An integrated vision of the business reality with Odoo

Quadtel is dedicated to the assembly of electrical and electronic equipment and electrification. With Odoo, the company optimized its production process with access to the real cost-benefit ratio of each project. Minimizing budgeting time, improving production profitability and having an integrated view of the company's reality were the priorities of this growing SME.

Alta Motors propels motorcycle innovation.

A leading electric motorcycle maker became fully operational in Odoo in only 3 months, all the while managing the manufacturing process of a complex product. Alta Motors considers Odoo extremely intuitive, especially when it comes to taking the first step and setting the basic ERP information.

VLC Sound Experience digitizes its operations

After implementing Odoo, VCL Sound Experience has undergone a complete change and now all processes are standardized - from quotations and sales orders, to production and invoicing. With an integrated system, the company eliminated duplicated information and the various versions of the same information, as was the case with its previous system.