Odoo program for schools

​Ideal for classes in: Management, Accounting, Sales, Human Resources, etc.

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Odoo for schools

​Give your students the opportunity to run a virtual company in real business software used by thousands of businesses around the world.

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Make your classes interactive and market-oriented

  • Create, prepare and share the company's database with your students.

    • Create as many as you like: one per student, one per group or one per class.

​What can you enjoy?

  • 24 months of free access to Odoo online;

  • Unlimited databases, applications and users;

  • No school accommodation;

  • Teachers and students can access the platform from anywhere;

  • Cloud platform. Just need internet.

Start creating your Odoo educational platform


Combine your training program with the Odoo Education Program.

An educational platform with several free training courses in Odoo.

  • Track the training status of each student;

  • Evaluation at the end of each course;

Just enter the training you want and log in (with the credentials that the student defined when creating their database)

​Discover the free training that Odoo offers for the various applications.


Odoo Scale-Up!
The Business Game

Enjoy and play with your students!

With Odoo Scale-Up! learn in a fun way through 7 different cases.

​You'll start by setting up the processes of a simple retail company. Then grow and deploy a production line, monitor services, launch an online store and much more!

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