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​Everything you need to manage your shop floor with just one software.
MRP, MES, Quality, Maintenance and PLM fully integrated.

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Odoo - Production management software

Increase your company's productivity with Industry 4.0 process digitization.

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Increase your company's productivity with Industry 4.0 process digitization

Shop floor management

Track and define shop floor activities in real time. Get all the production information and collect data directly from the machines.

Visualization screens on the shop floor with information on activities, production status, production orders, etc.

Product life cycle management

With Odoo, you can manage engineering changes, versions and documents efficiently.


Managing suppliers and purchase orders is made easy with the Odoo shopping app. Automate the purchase flow, obtain price lists and product availability quickly and in an organized way. Integrate your purchases with your inventory.


Define quality control plans to trigger quality checks at specific inventory operations (incoming inspection), or at manufacturing operations (in process).

The production department can trigger quality alerts directly from their control panel. When an order is updated, the right people will be informed in real time.


Track the progress of maintenance requests and use the maintenance calendar to organize and plan activities. Just drag and drop to organize your and your team's activities.


Increase the effectiveness of your inventory. Get the most efficient stock method and improve all your internal operations. Track all stock movements, from purchase to warehouse entry to sales order. Use several ways to manage your product: Dropshipping, out of the warehouse, multiple warehouses.

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Production monitoring, analysis and optimization - Welcome to 4.0 industry

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Integrated software for shop floor management

With Odoo, you have access to all the industrial management tools. Make production management easier and optimize your company's production process.

  • Real-time monitoring and definition of shop floor activities;
  • Collection of data directly from machines;
  • Visualization screens installed next to the workstations with information on activities, production status, manufacturing orders, etc.;
  • Access to reports and metrics related to the several departments on the shop floor;
  • Management, monitoring and allocation of teams to manufacturing orders;
  • Automatic recording of production times (Employees and machines);
  • Creation of labels and barcodes for tracking all items in production;

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Easy control of all manufacturing orders

Controlo dos pedidos de fabrico
Time tracking, production logs, integrations and quality checks, alert creation, serial number logs and much more.

Ready-to-use barcode

If you use batches, serial numbers or unidentified products, you can use barcodes to speed up operations at each step:

  • Reception control;
  • Selection;
  • Packing;
  • Work orders;

… much more;

Define quality control plans

Define plans for quality checks on different types of operations: inspection at stock reception, manufacturing operations, etc.

Define internal inbound and outbound processes based on quality control plans.

Use tags to categorize quality alerts and create rules to automate alerts or actions. Categorize by recipient (design, supplier, process), by requester (customer, mainline, subline) and more.

The production department can trigger quality alerts directly from their control panel. When an order is updated, the right people will be informed in real time.

Production management with Odoo

Managing your company can be done with just one software

Shop floor management






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