Everything you need to manage your works and contracts 

Odoo -  Management software for the construction sector

Companies in the construction sector can bring together purchasing, production, quality control, inventory, human resources, invoicing and accounting applications in a single piece of software.

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Challenges faced by construction companies

Cost and expense control

Inappropriate project planning

Inefficient underutilization of resources

Lack of control over work in the field

Decentralization of communication

Odoo's solutions

Optimize planning

Streamline project management

Make it easier to estimate costs and revenues

Simplify the exchange of information

Expand the decision-making process

Increase your return on investment

Management of Works and Employees

Odoo enables the efficient allocation of labor and equipment, in the right place, at the right time, for unhindered project execution.

  • Efficient allocation of labor;
  • Record of hours worked;
  • Equipment management and maintenance;
  • Security and compliance;
  • Performance evaluation.

Project Management, Control and Planning​

Odoo's Project Management module assists in the processes of budgeting, planning and executing construction projects.

  • Integrated task planning;
  • Real-time progress tracking;
  • Efficient collaboration tools;
  • Management of human resources and equipment;
  • Project history.

Purchasing and Supplier Management

Odoo simplifies the purchase of raw materials as well as invoicing suppliers.

  • Electronic invoicing;
  • Purchase orders;​
  • Hierarchical approvals for significant purchases;
  • Evaluation of supplier performance;
  • Contract management;
  • Complete record of information on each supplier, including transaction history.

Inventory management

Odoo reduces or eliminates situations of excess and shortage of resources, guaranteeing the right material, in the right place, at the right time.

  • Real-time tracking of assets and materials;
  • Warehouse management and optimization;
  • Automatic restocking forecast;
  • Quality control;
  • Creation of inventory performance reports.

Financial Management

Financial management in Odoo offers a 360º view of your financial situation, accounting and legal and tax compliance.

  • Budgeting and financial forecasting;​
  • Accounting, with cost and revenue control;
  • Automation of the accounts payable and receivable process;
  • Customized financial reports;
  • Internal and external audits.

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Casos de sucesso Odoo

Delta Engineering 

Como a empresa Delta Engineering  otimizou os seus processos com o Software Odoo. A aposta da Delta Engineering and Consultant no software Odoo foi bastante transformadora em todas as fases do seu negócio.

Screens R Us 

O Odoo ajudou a Screens R Us a garantir uma melhor resposta ao cliente e, ao mesmo tempo, melhorar a jornada e a eficiência dos funcionários com um fluxo de trabalho simplificado.

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